Almost Pumpkin Picking

I had every intention of going pumpkin picking this Fall. When I was little it was something my family would do every year. We would scout out different farms every year. Sometimes they would have haunted houses, or hayrides, or our favorite one: a haunted hayride. We would walk along rows of pumpkins looking for the perfect ones and then usually buy some caramel apples to eat on the way home.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not the dressing up part. That part was always stressful and overly expensive – haha. But to me Halloween is the true beginning of fall. It means its time for apple cider, hot tea, pumpkin carving, snuggling up in blankets and watching the leaves change. Halloween means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that Christmas is not far behind.

I always think good things happen in October. My little brother was born in October, I met Jim on Halloween and we’re getting married this month. Overall Halloween is just a happy time of year.

I had every intention of going pumpkin picking this Fall, but with all of the wedding craziness we ended up getting a pumpkin at the grocery store instead.  But I am completely okay with this because I am now the proud owner of a pumpkin to put on my first ever porch. And next Fall I am determined that there will be a true pumpkin picking experience.

Happy October!



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