12 Tips For Managable Curly Hair

Curly Hair

While I am by no means a hair expert, I have become pretty good at managing my extremely curly hair. All throughout high school I wore my hair up every day and hated my curls, but right around the time I turned 18 I started to appreciate my hair a bit more and learn how to style it. Here are some tips/tricks I have found to make my hair look its absolute best.

  1. Shower in the morning. Curly hair quite simply does not look good after being slept on. On the bright side – having a bad hair day? Simply shower again and instant reset!
  2. Comb your hair while conditioner is in with wide-tooth comb and then don’t touch it. Don’t comb or brush your hair when its dry ever! This will simply cause frizz. The best way to separate out curls and reduce knots is to use a wide-tooth comb in the shower prior to rinsing out conditioner. After combing, rinse out the conditioner, apply styling products and touch it as little as physically possible.
  3. Braids are your friend. One great thing about having curly hair is that it holds a braid really well. The best time to braid curly hair is when its wet. You will be shocked how perfectly neat your hair looks! Note: You can also braid hair when it is dry, but the braid will most likely have a great deal of misplaced pieces.
  4. Have a no products day (just water nothing else). I try to do this at least once of week, usually on Sunday when I know I’m not going anywhere. Curly hair is notoriously dry so its good to give it a break from styling products (shampoo and conditioner included) most of which contain harsh ingredients, such as alcohol. Bonus: Sometimes this results in a fantastic hair day, a big hair day, but a pretty one.
  5. Leave conditioner in sometimes and/or deep condition. As I previously mentioned curly hair is really dry. Try and use deep conditioner once a week to increase moisture. On top of this leave in your regular conditioner every once and awhile (Bonus: You can probably use less styling products or none at all when you do this).
  6. Shampoo as infrequently as possible. Not to say your hair should be dirty. Water. Condition. Done.
  7. Don’t expect your hair to be perfect – frizz will happen, ponytails won’t be perfectly smooth, etc.
  8. On the same note, sometimes you just have to give up. Some days your hair will look like crap for no particular reason. Throw it in a messy bun and give up. It’s not worth the mental energy and stress.
  9. Don’t try trendy hair cuts/styles. Just don’t.
  10. Be firm at Salons. Without fail every time I go to get my hair cut, they want to do something weird. They are fascinated by my curls and want to try out a variety of bizarre things. Know what you want and repeat it a lot (and politely).
  11. Find products that are right for your hair. Preferable ones that are specific to curly hair. Your gonna have try out a  lot of products to find good ones. Its worth the effort.
  12. Don’t wear your hair up all the time. You make have a love/hate relationship (or all hate) with your curly hair, but most other people just think your hair is awesome. Let it down and show it off. Not to mention the fact that wearing your hair up all the time causes breakage which is no good.

Thus concludes my super long post. What are your hair styling tricks?



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