Trying Again

Mountains(Photo from Our Honeymoon)

So I am gonna try this whole blogging regularly thing again. I know…I know pretty much every post in the past 3 months has included something about how I am gonna blog more and then I don’t. This time however I am really gonna try. And I have decided what I would like my blog to be about (finally!).

My goal/plan for this blog is to have it be all about being a newlywed, and more specifically about being a young wife. There will be posts about budgeting, simple recipes, and cleaning tips. There were also I am sure be some life posts, when my husband and I do random things that are blog worthy.

I hope that I can actually keep up with blogging again because it is quite a bit of fun.

Have a fantastic week!



One response to “Trying Again

  1. I, too, am new to blogging and a newlywed. Finding our voice and what we want to say in our blogs is the greatest challenge. Writing is easy but we want to make sure it’s relevant and we are able to keep up the content that will entice our readers. Look forward to reading what you have to say. :)

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